SoLuna Studio Closes its doors 9.30.19

Dear Soluna Family,

This post might come as a surprise to some and not to others, but the time has come for the SoLuna sun to set for good at the end of September 2019.

This is not a decision we have made lightly, but rather one that we came to knowing we did absolutely everything in our power to keep the doors open and the artistic fire burning. 

We wanted to say a few things before we go. Most important is “Thank you.”

Thank you to our performers in our Kids, JR, Teen, and Main Stage departments for lighting up the stage for these last eight years and reaching every goal put in front of them. We have seen so many of our performers grow as artists, graduate HS, graduate college, and go on to such amazing things. We wish you all nothing but the best this world has to offer. Use the things SoLuna taught you and let those lessons be part of your roots that keep you grounded. Remember the laughs, tears, lessons, friends, and everything in between.

Thank you to our community that trusted us to bring quality performances to Long Island. To the parents who drove their kids to rehearsals and attending numerous performances and to the patrons who filled our theater with love, applause and standing ovations.

On a personal note: thank you for letting Megan and myself grow as teachers and artists. We always taught our performers to never stop learning and to keep challenging themselves. We were not perfect, in fact we were far from it, but we learned from everyone that came into our amazing space and we grew alongside our performers. I was able to work with inspiring teens, main stage performers, and brilliant creative teams to breathe life into over 35 productions. Megan directed over 32 JR productions and saw so many of her students grow within our walls and beyond.

So as our Soluna sun goes down in Hauppauge we hope that everyone remembers the amazing times they had in our creative space and are filled with nothing but love, art, and positivity. Megan and I got to fulfill a dream we had when we were teenagers, sitting outside another community theatre when it all seemed a world away. Thanks to everyone reading this, that dream has been a reality for the last eight years. So thank you and so much love to our community and never stop reaching for the stars.

Love, Karen, Megan and Sue