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SoLuna Studio aims to provide Long Island with quality theater and arts programs for children and adults. We want to help all creative types find and express their talent within. With SoLuna Studio, we hope to give the community a safe environment for creative expression and opportunities to thrive within all areas of the arts. We not only hope to provide theater programs, but also to integrate the worlds of dance, music, theater together and provide education and training that will last a lifetime.

SoLuna Studio will offer classes to teach and train students of all ages. We offer everything from theater-day-care to adult acting classes and a variety of classes for all those age groups in between. The best way to have students perform at high levels is to have high quality teachers helping them to train their craft. SoLuna Studio will offer acting, musical theater and dance classes of all levels and types, as well as specialized music lessons and production classes. 

We are a different type of performing arts studio; we offer very large multi-use work space that allows for multiple classes to happen at once. Our goal is to establish a creative community that allows all types of artists to come together and share what they are and who they are. SoLuna Studio provides a stepping stone for the artists of tomorrow.

SoLuna Documentary Summer 2014