Karen Braun - Founder, CEO, Artistic Director  

Karen will be teaching most of the teenage and adult classes, some of those classes include; acting, musical theater dance, company classes, Musical Theater Workshop, and many more. Karen is also the  director and choreographer for all of the main stage and productions at SoLuna!

Karen has been involved with theater most of her life. She started at the age of 12 and was completely hooked! She was involved in all her HS musicals both backstage and onstage. She then went on to continue her acting training at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts conservatory in NYC and her dance training at Alvin Ailey. From there Karen went on to work with various artists in Manhattan and became a Co-Artistic director of Keagan theater company, and VP of a LaMancha Films Production Company. In addition Karen has received backstage sound experience on Sunday in the Park with George on Broadway, worked on several films with director Gary King, and performed choreography of Vic DiMonda. Karen still continues to work as an actress, performer, and techie and is very excited to work with teenagers and adults at SoLuna Studio. SoLuna Studio has been a long time goals for years and Karen is so proud to see it come true!

Please click here for her official website which has her complete resume and list of all past and current projects. 

Projects at SoLuna Studio

2011-2012 SEASON
-'The Last 5 Years' - Director
-'The Odd Couple' - Director
-'The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee' - Director/Choreographer
-'COMPANY' - Director/Choreographer
-'Sweet Charity' - Director/Choreographer
-'13' - Director
-'Spring Awakening' - Director/Choreographer
-'Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson' - Director/Choreographer

-'FAME' - Director/Choreographer
-'Next to Normal' - Director/Choreographer
-'The Wedding Singer' - Director
-'Godspell' - Director/Choreographer
-'Hair' - Director/Choreographer
-'Sweeney Todd (Main Stage & Teen)' - Director/Choreographer

-'Bonnie & Clyde' (main stage & teen) - Director/Choreographer
-'A Chorus Line' - Director/Choreographer
-'Xanadu' - Director/Choreographer 
-'BARE' - Director/Choreographer
-'RENT' - (main stage & teen) Director/Choreographer 
-'CARRIE' - (main stage & teen) Director/Choreographer 

-'Avenue Q - (main stage & teen) - Director/Choreographer
-'Tick Tick...BOOM' - (main stage & teen) - Director/Choreographer
-'the Last 5 Years'  - (main stage & teen) - Director
-'Ghost' - (main stage & teen) - Director/Choreographer
-'In the Heights'  - (main stage & teen) - Director/Choreographer 
-'American Idiot' - (main stage & teen) -Director/Choreographer
-Addams Family - (main stage & teen) - Director/Choreographer
-'Big Fish' - (main stage) - Director/Choreographer
-'Andrew Lippa's The Wild Party' - (main stage & teen) - Director/Choreographer
-'Legally Blonde'  - (main stage & teen) - Director/Assistant Choreographer
-'Cabaret' - (main stage & teen) - Director/Choreographer
-'First Date'  - (main stage & teen) - Director/Choreographer 
-'Little Shop of Horrors' - (main stage & teen) -Director
-Elf Jr - (main stage children's theater) - Director/Choreographer 


-'Pippin' - (main stage) - Director/Choreographer
-Heathers 101 (main stage & teen) - Director/Choreographer


Megan Pietroforte -Vice President, Director of Education

Megan will be teaching most of the childrens' classes, as well as over-seeing other educational programs run by the studio.

Megan has worked in almost every aspect of theater from performance to production since childhood, participating in classes and community theater productions all over Long Island and continuing that work with a minor in Drama at Ithaca College and experience working on multiple campus productions. Since college, Megan went on to become a certified special education and general education teacher, teaching at the elementary level in the New York City public school system.

In her classroom, Megan has used theater and performance to improve students' confidence, oral reading, fluency and expression. She has incorporated performance arts, including script work, music, and movement, into her teaching and has seen these techniques benefit students students of all levels and areas of need.

With the classes at SoLuna Studio, Megan is excited not only to teach performance techniques, but also to use performance techniques to help all students excel on the stage, in the classroom, and beyond.

Projects at SoLuna Studio

2011-2012 Professional Season

-'The Last 5 Years' - Lighting & Sound Technician

-'The Odd Couple' - Stage Manager

-'The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee' - Lighting & Sound Technician

-'COMPANY' - Lighting & Sound Technician

-'Sweet Charity' - Lighting & Sound Technician

-'13' - Assistant Director

-'Spring Awakening- Lighting & Sound Technician

-'Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson' -  Lighting & Sound Technician

2011-2012 Youth Season

-'Willy Wonka JR' Director/Choreographer

-'Seussical JR' - Director

-'Dear Edwina JR' Director/Choreographer

-'The Elves & The Shoemaker' - Director

-'High School Musical JR' - Director

-'Stone Soup' - Director

-'The Frog Princess' - Director

-'FAME JRDirector/Choreographer

2013 Professional Season

-'FAME' - Lighting & Sound Technician

-'Next to Normal' - Lighting & Sound Technician

-'The Wedding Singer' - Lighting & Sound Technician

-'Godspell' - Lighting & Sound Technician

-'HAIR- Lighting & Sound Technician

-'Sweeney Todd' - Lighting & Sound Technician

2013 Youth Season

-'Godspell JR' Director/Choreographer

-'Once Upon A Time' - Director

-'The Fairy Godmothers Assistant' - Director

-'Once on This Island JR' - Director/Choreographer

-'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory- Director

-'Horton Hears A Who' - Director

-'Into the Woods JR' - Director

-'Cinderella's Slipper' - Director

-'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' - Director

-'School House Rock Live! JR- Director/Choreographer

2014 Professional Season

-'Bonnie & Clyde' - Lighting & Sound Technician

-'A Chorus Line' - Lighting & Sound Technician

2014 Youth Season

-'Guys & Dolls JR' Director/Choreographer

Sue Braun- 
Co-Founder, President, Financial Director

Sue Braun currently owns her own Allstate Insurance Agency in Selden NY and has been in business for over 10 years. Sue has loved selling insurance and has over 25 years of experience in insurance. In the past she has also owned and operated several successful businesses on Long Island. In addition she is very excited to venture in the world of theater with her daughter Karen and with her prior experience, plans on making a successful and profitable business of SoLuna Studio.